Sunday, 6 August 2017

2 to 3 weeks old

31st of July 2017 - 15 days old
Getting crowded at the milk bar!
1st of August -asleep
 16 days old and we were getting HUNGRY! Give us food, mummy doesn't feed us enough now. Pink is the first to give it a go.
 Oh this isn't bad
More pups join in

 All 8 have got the idea
 Casper the kitten wanted to join in but misjudged how to get into the pen and ended up between it and the wall! Don't worry, he managed to get out quickly.

 Vesper had no problem climbing into the pen

Between them, the pups and Vesper didn't leave much!

 2nd of August - 17 days old
Starting to learn how to play
 3rd of August -hungry puppies

 4th of August and big half brother Fen says hello
Look at Brown, suckling upside down!
 6th of August - 3 WEEKS OLD
 Sitting, walking, playing, barking

                                Exploring outside the box when daddy changes our bedding

 Feeding from mummy
 Timmy came to visit
(I wish I'd had a dog breeding granny when I was a kid!)

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