Sunday, 27 August 2017

5 to 6 weeks old

5-6 weeks old 21st to 27th of August 2017

My camera has been playing up, sometimes working, sometimes not, so I don't have photos from every day. 
 21st of August, 5 weeks 1 day old. Eating outside.

Afterwards a drink from mum

 Learning to get back indoors

Later on the 21st after the last meal. Black reckons he has found a good bed.
22nd of August. 5 weeks 2 days old. Fun on the grass. 
"What are you doing on that side of the fence Fen?"

 Purple and green. Purple is the last pup to have both ears down.

 Purple found a tuggy
 Well the pup by the toy is blue, but I'm not sure who the other is -such thick coats now that the collars are hard to spot.
This is red at back

 Black having a break
 Brown tries to take the tent down

 The tent serves two purposes.
Shade when it's sunny.
And it gets the pups used to it flapping in the wind.
Having had past pups who encountered flapping marquees at shows and didn't like it, this should hopefully solve that problem.

Happy to explore

 Think this is pink and brown
 Probably green but not entirely sure

Red, purple andpink
 And again -red, purple, pink
 Purple, ? and blue
Blue at front

 At the end of the day, after dinner. Looks like quite a party was had!

 There's black in the bowl again

 23rd of August, pink and red
And the third bitch, purple, has finally put one ear up.
 24th of August, having some charcoal biscuits
24/8 5 weeks 4 days old
 25th of August

 27/8 2017 6 weeks old today
Tired after playing outdoors in hot sun
 And purple now has both ears up!
Green decided to sleep in the corner where some of Fen's toys are

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