Monday, 14 August 2017

3 to 4 weeks old

3 to 4 weeks old and starting to really become proper dogs
7th of August 2017. 3 weeks 1 day old and ears are starting to go up. No huge donkey ears here!

Play fighting
 Visits from Casper the kitten

9th of August. It's starting to get very crowded at feeding time!
Mum's milk is still best
Below more photos from the 9th.

10th of August and something called a wobble board has appeared. It's funny to walk on.

 Cats are fun as well. This is Vesper.

 Still the 10th of August. 3 weeks 4 days old.

Half brother Fen visits
 11th of August 2017

Look closely. How did one pup end up at the wrong side of the board? Very good little climbers already! 3 weeks 5 days old.
 12th of August. Food and fun.

Below: 13th of August, 4 weeks old. First wobble boarding indoors, then we got to see the big outdoor world for the first time.

 Half brother Fen (same dad) and half sister Ritzy the grey (same mum) are outside with us as well as mummy Rona.

 I'm quite liking red as my keeper, but not sure yet.........

 Lunch al fresco

 The cats in the cat run (entrance via living room window) watching in the background

 Fen and half brother blue

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