Monday, 21 August 2017

4 to 5 weeks old

4 to 5 weeks old
14th to 20th August 2017
 4 weeks 1 day old. These round things are interesting.

 Dinner! 14th of August
Didn't last long!
 15th of August, just various photos above and below

16th of August below -4 weeks 3 days old (or exactly one month)

 17th of August and now we can stand up to feed
Fen with one of his little half siblings
 18th of August. Exploring a toy aunty Thea brought (we have had a lot of visitors) as well as interesting boxes again.

 19th of August with mum
and some food afterwards
 20th of August 2017 and we are now 5 weeks old
 Talking to half sister Ritzy. She likes to mother us.

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