Sunday, 30 July 2017

One to two weeks old

8 days old (24th of July 2017)
 9 days old
 You can really tell the pups are growing when they can feed with Rona sat up

9 days

 10 days old. Rona reckons this is getting tiring now.

More milk mummy!

 11 days old
 Hello I'm Blue, and I can see you!
The rest of the pups soon followed in opening their eyes.

 12 days old
Starting to sit up and toddle around a bit
Casper the kitten came to visit

12 days old
TWO WEEKS OLD! 30th July 2017

 We're becoming more mobile

Relaxed pups

 Timmy came to visit. Needless to say he loves puppies.

Timmy lent some of his toys to the pups!

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