Sunday, 30 July 2017

One to two weeks old

8 days old (24th of July 2017)
 9 days old
 You can really tell the pups are growing when they can feed with Rona sat up

9 days

 10 days old. Rona reckons this is getting tiring now.

More milk mummy!

 11 days old
 Hello I'm Blue, and I can see you!
The rest of the pups soon followed in opening their eyes.

 12 days old
Starting to sit up and toddle around a bit
Casper the kitten came to visit

12 days old
TWO WEEKS OLD! 30th July 2017

 We're becoming more mobile

Relaxed pups

 Timmy came to visit. Needless to say he loves puppies.

Timmy lent some of his toys to the pups!

Sunday, 23 July 2017

First week of life

Rona and her puppies the day after they were born
The collars were put on so now they are easy to tell apart. Pink, red and purple are bitches, the rest dogs.
18th of July 2017 -2 days old
Below: Various photos from the 19th of July; 3 days old.

Below: 4 days old, 20th of July 2017

On the 21st, at 5 days of age, Rona didn't want to be in the bedroom any longer. So we moved the box into the living room, inside the big pen we use.
On the 22nd we went to a cat show all day so didn't get any photos. Benjamin was dog and puppy sitting for us.
 23rd of July 2017 -one week old

It's hard work being a mother of 8!

Pregnancy and birth

I've never before bred two Malinois litters in the same year. But it had been my dream for years to have puppies from Rona to Mats. We tried one year and Rona refused to be mated. As she had her first litter in 2014 and will be 7 years old this October, it was rather a case of now or never. And indeed, this time Rona was quite happy with Mats. After this, we will take a break from breeding. I don't breed for money, I breed for the next pup to keep for showing, and we need to concentrate on all the dogs we have for a while now.

Goldmali Fabulous "Rona"
Bred by myself
Hip score: 10. Eyes last tested clear: 25/2 2017
2 CCs, 6 Reserve CCs, 14 Best of Breeds
Kennel Club Good Citizen Gold certificate
Mother of dogs competing in agility and obedience
Rona is 100 % showlines, from a UK bred mother and a father imported from Holland.
(Photo by Kimberley Buckley)
Mats Van De Vaardekenshoeve at Goldmali (IMP BEL)
Breeder: Stijn Van Hamme, Belgium
Hip score: 12. Eyes last tested clear: 25/2 2017
1 CC, Various Best of Breeds, Best Dog, etc.
KC Good Citizen Bronze
Mats is from a breeder in Belgium who breeds working dogs with show dog looks.
Mats has a very high drive. He is small for his breed -but extremely strong.
He is the father of dogs competing in flyball, scentwork, working trials and of course shows, and one of his sons was trained to do assistance dog work.
(Photo by Kim Brown)

Rona 46 days pregnant
She was scanned as having 6 pups and the lady we use is usually very accurate
55 days pregnant and a bit fed up
56 days pregnant
58 days pregnant
Daddy of course I still fit on your lap for cuddles!

59 days. Still waiting. The text books say bitches are pregnant for 63 days, but in reality most of our litters have been born sooner. Penny had hers day 58 -twice- and one of the Papillons gave birth on day 55. This is normal and not premature.

Very early on day 60 the first stage of labour started. Panting, nesting, throwing up. Rona decided she wanted to stay in the bedroom and as the normal whelping box does not fit in there, John quickly adapted an old Billy bookcase from Ikea!
 35 long hours later, on day 61, the first pup was born. A bitch, at 4.10 pm on the 16th of July 2017.
She later got the PINK collar.

The first born

 The second pup, another bitch, followed at 4.30 pm. She would be RED collar.
 Red on Rona's leg

Hard work this
The third pup arrived at 5 pm, a dog. He would get the GREEN collar.
 The fourth pup, another dog, arrived at 5.15 pm. BROWN collar.

And then we had a long wait. 
Then pups number 5 and 6 arrived so quickly I never even got a photo of there being five. Number 5, a dog, was born at 7.28 pm. BLACK. Number six, another dog, was born at 7.39 pm. BLUE.

As we were expecting six, we decided now was the time to put clean bedding in the box. Meanwhile I put the pups on our bed. There are six, but one is hidden by the others!
6 puppies

Settling down with the pups.

As we were expecting six pups and all had arrived, we waited an hour and a half and then went into the living room to have dinner. We live in a bungalow so the bedroom isn't far away.

In the middle of dinner we heard squealing so went to check on the puppies.
"Hi", said Rona, "Meet my 8 pups!" 
Two more had arrived, one dog and one bitch. PURPLE (bitch) and ORANGE (dog).

And then Rona was all finished.