Sunday, 23 July 2017

First week of life

Rona and her puppies the day after they were born
The collars were put on so now they are easy to tell apart. Pink, red and purple are bitches, the rest dogs.
18th of July 2017 -2 days old
Below: Various photos from the 19th of July; 3 days old.

Below: 4 days old, 20th of July 2017

On the 21st, at 5 days of age, Rona didn't want to be in the bedroom any longer. So we moved the box into the living room, inside the big pen we use.
On the 22nd we went to a cat show all day so didn't get any photos. Benjamin was dog and puppy sitting for us.
 23rd of July 2017 -one week old

It's hard work being a mother of 8!

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