Monday 25 September 2017

7-8 weeks -bye bye puppies

7 to 8 weeks old and leaving for their new homes
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 7 weeks 2 days old -5th of September 2017
This is green

Below: 6th of September
 With mum Rona and half sister Ritzy

 Then we had a big adventure. We all had to go in the van and travel to the VET.

 When we arrived we were transferred to one cage and put onto a trolley.
In the waiting room waiting our turn.
The vet said we were all perfectly healthy and gave us a certificate saying so, with all our names and microchip numbers on. He also said we can start to go to new homes now.

On the 7th we all had a quick bath. This is Pink having hers.
Get me dry now please!

8th of September 2017 -the first puppy leaves.
Bye bye to Green, aka GOLDMALI ONE VISION.
This is how happy TARN was in his new home already the same day.
He has gone to live with two Border Collies and will turn his paws to a bit of everything.
 Same day. Maybe we should hide so we don't get sent away?

Food is on the go!!
 Then the bearded man came to visit. (John's son Richard.) He's useful to socialise pups with bearded people.

9th of September:
Bye bye to Purple; GOLDMALI ONLY YOU.
BARLEY has gone to live with her half sister Zelda (same dad) and will join her in scentwork trials. Here she is with her other new friend, GSD Foxy.

Then it was bye bye to Blue, aka GOLDMALI ON A MISSION.
MOOSE will indeed be on a mission as he is going to become a search and rescue dog. 
He has a Collie and a working Cocker as new friends.

Also on the 9th we said goodbye to Orange, aka GOLDMALI OBSESSION.
TYE has gone to live with his relative Jago and is destined for agility.
10th of September 2017; 8 weeks old 

Bye bye to Pink, aka GOLDMALI OBVIOUSLY. MALI had a long journey to Scotland where she will be living with a dog walker and have lots of friends.

Then we said goodbye to Black; GOLDMALI OPPORTUNITY NOX.
WALTER joins his half sister Rosa (same mother) who has a very varied and interesting life as her mum is a dog walker and trainer. Walter will also share his home with Staffies Brian and Suzy.

And then there were only Brown and Red left! 

13th of September:
 Last to leave was Brown; GOLDMALI ON FIRE.
SCOUT has gone to live with a lot of his relatives including his grandfather Luta, aunt Taima, uncle Aspen and more. He will have a very active life.
Red says "I'm hiding, I want to stay!"

14th of September:
And then there were one.
Red aka GOLDMALI OVER THE RAINBOW is staying here.
Her pedigree name is in honour of her great grandmother Ripley, as each time I see a rainbow I see it as a sign that Ripley is saying hello from the rainbow bridge.
Her pet name BAMBI is because that was what I really wanted to call Ripley -my first Malinois- but as I had a Dandy at the time it didn't fit in.

 So this is the end of this blog, but for the 8 puppies from Rona and Mats- 

Sunday 3 September 2017

6 to 7 weeks old

6 to 7 weeks old

28th of August. Red cuddles up with half sister Ritzy.
 Posing pink (no she did not get onto the couch by herself!)

Pink and black pulling silly faces 28/8
 Pile of pups 31st of August


 1st of September: Look mum, we caught a cat!
 Butter wouldn't melt
Mini maligators

Then we have a lot of photos from the 2nd of September 2017; 6 weeks 6 days old:
 Red (with a leaf)
 In Sweden we don't say "Simon Says", we say "Follow John". Well the pups are 50 % Belgian 25 % British and 25 % Dutch, but I'm 100 % Swedish so maybe that explains why they Follow John...

 Let's get this tent down
 We found a bone
 Typical, no water again. Blue turned it over as usual. Poor Orange.
 Brown in the shade and below when the sun came out again
Brown on the lookout
Brown again
 Green doing his best to get the tent down

 Yes okay it was me who did it, I emptied the water bowl again.
 Black and orange
 Black and purple

Orange and purple
 Purple and red
 Brown and red
 Blue and orange

 Orange and pink
 Purple and red

Green (I think) and brown
 Blue tries to pull the tent down when pink charges past

 Yes still brown
 Red and brown
Pink's got John's trousers